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Music Origination

You send the brief, we send a selection of ideas. Choose the one you want developed and we work it into your required structure, length and style.




Music origination




“In The Style Of “ Commissions

We can match a clip for style and content and produce appropriate music in a variety of  styles such as cinematic, world, rock ‘n’ roll, blues, jazz,  classical or operatic, to order.

In the style of

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We specialize in setting lyrics to music, working closely with the lyricist, artist or commissioning agent to achieve a distinctive and appropriate product. This is particularly useful for emerging young artists requiring original material. Andrea Beardshaw is the session vocalist on this track.

Incidental / Sync

Theme Music / Songs

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The Copyright to all music and lyrics featured on this website is owned by Neil Thomas, except for “Christmas Ours”, music by Neil Thomas with lyrics by Kay c Ellis-Jones., and “Dance Diving with Dolphins”, music by Neil Thomas, with lyrics by Gwenno Dafydd. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting is  prohibited. Copyright control  Neil Thomas, K C Ellis-Jones, Gwenno Dafydd 2006/7.

Backing Tracks

Backing Tracks

High quality tracks produced to order. Especially useful for singers who want to cover unusual songs they can’t find backing tracks for on popular sites.